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BasketHound.com is your full service source of 100% hand assembled custom gift baskets for your human and animal loved ones.

Since 1999, BasketHound.com has been creating custom gift baskets to meet your gifting needs while staying within your budget. We use fresh, high quality products and our baskets are made to order. Our goal is to consistantly provide excellent customer service. Nothing pleases us more than knowing how great our clients feel after Making Someone’s Day by sending a personalized gift basket. Why spend time wandering stores looking for a gift when you can simply give us a call and tell us your needs and budget? We will have your gift basket wrapped and delivered in no time. Go ahead, Make Someone’s Day!

Our company strives to be green and eco-friendly at all times. We take pride in supporting our community by providing fundraising services to a variety of local charities.

We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and American Express

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